Personal Recovery Course

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A trauma-focused course that provides over 12 hours of therapeutic video presentation modules that are uniquely designed to help you take back control of your emotional wellbeing. Insights into evidence-based addiction recovery and emotional dysregulation caused by unresolved past trauma experiences.


Learn how to heal from past trauma through our evidence-based recovery program. If you’re a therapist, health care provider, someone who is supporting a loved one, or in the recovery process yourself, this course is for you. Set in the format of an easy to follow video guide Reto uncovers the deeper causes of disordered responses such as “addiction”, “depression”, “anxiety” and “stress”.

Reto mindfully unpacks the sources of subconscious thoughts and explains the critical aspects of developmental trauma. In these simple to follow modules, you can explore the purpose of addiction, the stigma, parenting and other interpersonal transactions.

Learn about the role of enmeshment and individuation in families and your complex social constructs. The course modules present a range of practical skills and tools that you can adapt to your lifestyle or be used in therapeutic practice. Each video is crafted through the lens of absolutely non-judgmental care and is intended to provide and facilitate a platform for an accelerated journey into personal development, self-care and wellbeing.

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