We Treat

Recovery Direct treat adults with drug, alcohol, eating disorder or behavioral addiction problems. Specialized counseling of families, and close relatives of addicts. Planned and managed re-integration of day to day life and working environments.

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Our Center Offers

Individual, group counseling and family therapy. Parents and loved ones counseling, teaching new behaviors, independent coping skills, and the development of life skills, group therapy and outpatient events, discreet private care accommodation, pool, exclusive rooms and facilities.

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Recovery Direct Works

Adopting the right modalities of addiction treatment which have proven to be successful in long term addiction recovery. Intensive professional one on one treatment combined with group workshops and trauma resolution focused therapy.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in South Africa

Helping you find the right treatment solution for you.

Understanding Addiction

To understand why an alcoholic or an addict is willing to continue a life filled with chaos for the time that they do, one needs to understand the nature of the substances they are using & the long term impact it has on their psyche.

Recovery Direct counsellors focus on you as an individual, we understand your life circumstances, family and work commitments. We take financial considerations and are mindful that environmental circumstances that all have a role in determining how best to design a recovery solution suited to you loved one.

Welcome to Recovery Direct, helping people get better.

Are you or a family member struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? Let us help you now! We are committed to helping you to find the best alcohol and drug addiction recovery solution that exists.

Specialist Rehabilitation

If you, or family members, or a work colleague or friends have a problem controlling their intake of alcohol and or drugs, we are here to help find the best recovery solution available.

We work closely with specialists in their field.

Occupational Therapists
Addictions counsellors
Programme mentors
Life Coaches
Dieticians and Exercise practitioners

South Africa’s best addiction and process disorder treatment centre. Helping a broad range of mental health disorders.