What clothes may I bring?

Usually casual clothes appropriate for the weather. However no revealing clothes or clothes with offensive print / language may be brought.

May I bring cash to Recovery Direct?

You may bring personal cash however please ensure that it is logged and locked away by the admissions officer.


Visitors are allowed by prior arrangement with the clinical director and are on a discretionary basis in the detox and primary care initial 28 days. Usually close family and individuals with direct interest in the upkeep of sobriety.

Can shopping be done?

There is a tuck shop available on the premises. Weekly shopping are done for the residents by staff members and or volunteer staff.

May I bring my prescription medication?

All medications need to be pre-authorised by the treatment center official staff including the staff doctor.

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes?

Yes – in designated smoking areas only. No smoking is allowed inside the rehab buildings.

Are group and one on one sessions compulsory?


Does the program includes the Twelve Step Program?

After the 28 day treatment program some patients follow the 12 Step program and join the various chapters to amplify ongoing aftercare.

How many patients share a room?

It all depends on the occupancy and room type arranged with the admissions staff.

What about a special diet?

We will try to provide personalised meal plans where possible. Otherwise provide specially cooked nutritious meals.